Traders Guild

A powerful if somewhat shadowy organization, the Trader’s Guild was formed to facilitate the trade of goods throughout the ‘Verse.

Controlling the shipping and much of the manufacturing in the known worlds, the Guild started small, but eventually coalesced into what is known today as the Blue Sun Corporation.

While not officially associated with the Alliance, the Trader’s Guild is rumored to have many deep ties within Alliance strongholds and government.

Motto: No official motto, although in the early years, Trader’s Guild children heard their parents say “We have made ourselves Grechesk’iya (Greek) for you”.

Symbolism: The Blue Sun logo is now synonymous with trade in the ‘Verse. From shipping to products, Blue Sun monopolizes many avenues of commerce, and is now considered by many to be too powerful to oppose.

Chinese: Jiāoyì shāng xiéhuì – “Trader’s Guild”

Location: New Canaan – Blue Sun. The origins of the Trader’s Guild are lost in the mists of early Arrival in the new galaxy. What is known is it all started on New Canaan, the tiny planet with Mediterranean weather, perfect for farming.

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