Miners Guild

The bedrock of all goods in the ‘Verse, the Miner’s Guild is widely known throughout the border moons as the source of metals, minerals, mud, and corruption.

While there are honest and forthright Miners in the Guild, many production areas rely on indentured labor and poverty to keep costs down and landowners enriched.

Motto: Bar Down – A call back to the Welsh Miners of Earth-That-Was. The ancient miners would call out “Bar Down the Duggans” which alerted the other workers to secure the large boulders (Duggans) which were in danger of falling.

Symbolism: The outer shape of the shield invokes the blades of earth-boring tools, while the inner hexagons represent mine shafts descending into the earth. The pattern in the main hexagon calls to mind geological maps used to find mineral deposits.

Kuànggōng gōnghuì – “Miner’s Guild”

Location: Regina – Georgia. Known as the “The Queen”, this rugged mining planet is a major source of rare minerals which are vital to the production of ships, Cortex systems, and many other items. Most of the population of Regina is subject to the degenerative disease “Bowden’s Malady”. Only the hardiest survive to populate this Guild.

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