Smugglers Guild

Although spoken of only in whispers and innuendo, savvy travelers in the ‘Verse are well aware of the underground markets in which the Smuggler’s Guild reign supreme.

Notoriously ungoverned, the Smuggler’s Guild is less a formal trade or technical conglomeration, and more an unofficial brotherhood of those seeking freedom and anonymity.

While many come into contact with the Smugglers, the unwary may find themselves shanghaied and bound for servitude.

Some Smugglers choose to take on slightly more noble pursuits consisting only of illegal salvage or transport of goods such as foodstuffs or medical supplies for the neglected Border moons. Few of the Smuggler’s Guild cohort would admit membership, which is obtained only through invitation and testing, and the actual roster is a highly guarded and often inaccurate secret.

Motto: Libertatum Ex Calumnia – Freedom from Oppression

Symbolism: With a clear Independent streak, the Smuggler’s Guild’s stars and bars call upon previous rebellions from “Earth-That-Was” among others.

Chinese: Zǒusī zhě gōnghuì – “Smuggler’s Guild”

Location: Li Shen’s Space Bazaar – Red Sun. Although an official outpost of the “Blue Sun Postal” system, this large space station in such a remote location is utilized by the Smugglers as an unofficial base of operations, due to the difficulty of Alliance monitoring.

Guard your secrets closely when bearing this emblem! 

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